The Program

Inspired by powerful Egyptian and American women leaders, Cleopatra to Coretta is an international exchange program supporting the dialogue of globally-minded female journalists and media professionals to build relationships and promote hero narratives of women making an impact in their community.

Cleopatra valued knowledge and female intellect above all else. Fascinated with literature and languages, she rose to power as the last of the great pharaohs in Egypt. Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr., was an American activist, writer, and champion of the civil rights movement. Cleopatra and Coretta were influential and powerful women, but are rarely credited. These two leaders are a mere sampling of the inspiring women that are blazing trails and challenging social norms each day.

Cleopatra to Coretta aims to bridge the gap between the East and the West, to identify and mentor emerging women leaders in the field of journalism and media, and to create new networks of engagement for aspiring female professionals. The project seeks to fund three Egyptian and three American female journalists and media professionals who will participate in a person to person exchange program.

The participants will live and work together in both the United States and Egypt, participating in job shadowing, classes with university students, and guided discussions with industry professionals. Participants in Cleopatra to Coretta will develop media projects to profile strong female leaders in a variety of professional fields.


Women’s Empowerment: We seek to foster women’s professional development that creates a community of peer support and promotes underrepresented voices.

Positive Narratives in the Media: We seek to create shareable and accessible information online utilizing existing networks and social media while highlighting success narratives of women.

East­-West Dialogue through peer­ to ­peer relationships: We seek to build lasting relationships and understanding through international exchange and develop opportunities for mentorship for emerging leaders.

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Board of Directors

Leah Moschella

Leah Moschella

Founder and President of Boston Girls’ Leadership Organized Women

Boston, MA, USA

Afnan Khalil

Afnan Khalil

Senior Lawyer, Bank Audi S.A.E

Cairo, Egypt

Michelle Matus

Michelle Matus

Documentary Filmmaker and Multimedia Journalist

Reno, Nevada, USA

Judson L Moore

Judson L Moore

Social Entrepreneur

Austin, Texas, USA

The selection committee began working together on Cleopatra to Coretta as a result of their participation in the 2015 East-West: The Art of Dialogue Fellowship, sponsored by the M. Shafik Gabr Foundation.


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